Laboratory of Resilience in Psychological and Physical Health

Jameson K. Hirsch, Ph.D.

Latest news

Fall 2019: In the upcoming year, the LRPPH will initiate several studies, including: 1) an MTURK Community Study of Religion, Spirituality and Mental and Physical Health; and, 2) Positive Psychological Coping in Patients with Chronic Pain (Austria)


LRPPH - Current Projects of Interest:

The Laboratory of Resilience in Psychological and Physical Health, in the Department of Psychology at East Tennessee State University, is actively involved in original data collection projects in primary care and other medical settings, and focused on numerous vulnerable samples including: patients with chronic pain and chronic illness, including cardiac disease, cancer, multiple sclerosis, and fibromyalgia, among others.

The LRPPH would like to acknowledge our collaborators, with whom we are working on the following projects:

  • Alison Barton, Ph.D. - East Tennessee State University - Helicopter Parenting; Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Factors, Educational Functioning and Psychopathology in College Students; Suicide Prevention
  • Peter C. Britton, Ph.D. - Center of Excellence, Department of Veteran's Affairs, Canandaigua VAMC - Self-Determination, Sleep Disturbances and Suicidal Behaviors in Veterans
  • Edward C. Chang, Ph.D. - University of Michigan - Cultural Influences on Protective Characteristics and Psychopathology; Positive Psychology and Psychopathology
  • Niko Kohls, Ph.D. - Coburg University of Applied Arts and Sciences, Germany - Integrative Health Promotion; Positive Psychology and Chronic Illness
  • Kristin Neff, Ph.D. - University of Texas at Austin - Self-Compassion and Suicide in Veterans; Self-Compassion and Wellbeing in Chronic Illness
  • Martin Offenbaecher, M.D. - Gasteiner Heilstollen Clinic, Bad Gastein, Austria - Positive Psychology and Wellness in Chronic Pain Patients
  • Fuschia M. Sirois, Ph.D. - University of Sheffield, UK - Self-Compassion and Health; Thriving and Future Selves; Coping with Illness and Impairment
  • Loren L. Toussaint, Ph.D. - Luther University - Forgiveness in the treatment of substance abuse and suicide; Protective characteristics in persons with fibromyalgia
  • Jon R. Webb, Ph.D. - Texas Tech University - Forgiveness and Health; Forgiveness and Suicidal Behavior