Courses Taught by Dr. Donald Luttermoser

Course ID Course Name Last Taught
ASTR-1010 Astronomy I Spring 2001
ASTR-1020 Astronomy II Spring 2009
ASTR-3415 Astrophysics Spring 2003
PHYS-1030 Science and Society II Summer 1998
PHYS-1956 Physics of Science Fiction Films (*) Summer 1999
PHYS-2010 General Physics I Fall 2016
PHYS-2011 General Physics Lab I Spring 2007
PHYS-2018 Great Ideas in Science I Fall 2008
PHYS-2020 General Physics II Spring 2018
PHYS-2021 General Physics Lab II Spring 2006
PHYS-2028 Great Ideas in Science II Spring 2009
PHYS-4007/5007 Computational Physics Fall 2017
PHYS-4617/5617 Quantum Physics Fall 2006
PHYS-4850 Physics Seminar Spring 2016

Courses marked with (*) are experimental courses.

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