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This web page has been set up for the students at ETSU taking PHYS-2020-002 General Physics II with Dr. Luttermoser. Links have been set up for the students to download the syllabus, course notes, homework assignments, homework solutions, review sheets, sample exams, sample exam solutions, and the textbook's WebAssign web page on this web page. The downloadable files are in PDF (Portable Document Format) (which requires Acrobat Reader to view). Note that we will be using Edition 4.0 of my course notes during the Spring 2021 semester.

Course Overview

General Physics II is the second course in a two-semester sequence that covers the following four main sections of classical physics: (1) electromagnetism, including electric fields, forces, and energy, Coulomb's law, capacitance, current, resistance, circuits, magnetism, and inductance; (2) wave mechanics, which covers Hooke's law and the Doppler effect; (3) electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter, which covers the E/M spectrum, blackbody radiation, particle physics, the Bohr model atom, and atomic physics; and (4) optics, which covers reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, and optical instruments. At the conclusion of the General Physics I & II courses, students will have a firm understanding of the basics of classical physics and an introduction to modern physics. General Physics II is a problem-solving course, that is, the measure of a student's progress is demonstrated by the ability to solve problems using algebra and trigonometry, and not just to quote facts, laws and formulas. Your homework is designed to help you develop these skills. It is assumed that you have a reasonable working knowledge of algebra and trigonometry at a high school level. Doing physics means doing story problems using mathematics! You are expected to have (and know how to use) a good scientific calculator. The book store carries such calculators. CELL PHONES are not be used as calculators in this course!

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus for PHYS-2020-941, General Physics II

ETSU Supplemental Syllabus Attachment.

D2L Website and Remote Learning

Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, this course is being offered in a remote (i.e., online) format for the Spring 2021 semester. Prior to each scheduled lecture, I will be posting a Zoom link on the course D2L course web page that you are to use to access the synchronous lecture. You are expected to attend each Zoom lecture in `real time'! However, if you are forced to miss a lecture due to illness, or be late to a class, each lecture will be recorded and the link for that recording will be pasted on the D2L course web page.

To access the ETSU D2L web site, click on the following link:

D2L Web Site Login Page.

ETSU asked all instructors to include the following message: Our class will meet through the Zoom online conference system. Our success as an online class will depend on the same commitment we all bring to the physical classroom. We will adopt the same rules and norms (take notes; participate by asking and answering questions; wear classroom-ready clothing). For everyone’s benefit, join the course in a quiet place whenever possible. Turn on your video whenever possible. Mute your microphone unless you are speaking. Close browser tabs not required for participating in class.

Course Notes Sections:

My lectures will be based on the following Course Notes I have written. I have developed the technique of teaching the material in a couse using an outline format for my notes based on thoses courses that I had as an undergraduate and graduate student where I learned the material the best. These course notes approximately follow the material in the textbook, with a few exceptions. (Sections XI and X covers a lot more material than what appears in the textbook.)

I. Electric Forces and Electric Fields
II. Electric Energy and Capacitance
III. Current and Resistance
IV. Direct Current Circuits
V. Magnetism
VI. Induced Voltage and Inductance
VII. Vibrations and Waves
VIII.   Sound
IX. Electromagnetic Radiation (Photons)
X. Interaction of Photons with Matter
XI. Reflection and Refraction of Light
XII. Mirrors and Lenses
XIII. Wave Optics
XIV. Optical Instruments

Quizzes, Final Exam, & Homework

There will be 4 homework sets assigned throughout the semester composed of two sections of questions. The first section will be problems posted on the textbook's WebAssign web site (see below for details on accessing this site). You will be given further information about WebAssign during the first week of class. These WebAssign problems will be graded and count as 10% of the course grade. The second section of problems will not be graded and will have solutions posted on the course web page. Try to do these problems by yourself before retrieving the solutions from the web page. Doing both sections of problems will be a big help in studying for the exams.

There will be 3 quizzes during the semester posted on the D2L course web page. Each quiz is worth 20% of your course grade. Each quiz will contain ten 2-point math-oriented multiple choice questions and ten 1-point multiple choice questions. You will have 60 minutes to complete each quiz! You are allowed to access the course notes and the textbook during these quizzes, but you cannot access any other web site while working on your quiz!

Sickness and Make-Up Quizzes: If you are sick on a given quiz day, contact Dr. Luttermoser via email (lutter@etsu.edu) prior to that quiz to let him know of your illness. Failure to do this will result with a score of ZERO for that quiz. Once you are feeling better, a `make-up' quiz will be written for you.

The Final Exam will be similar in structure to the Sample Final posted posted below: ten `Hard Multiple Choice' questions, twenty `Easy Multiple Choice' questions, and four `Problems' where you are to show your work using algebra and trigonometry to derive your answer. See the `Sample Final Solutions' link below for examples on how you are expected to answer these problems. This Final Exam is worth 30% of your course grade and will be posted on the D2L course web site 15 minutes before the start time of this exam. You will have 3 hours to download, complete, scan (or photograph), and upload your Final Exam to the associated Dropbox on the D2L course web page. Like the quizzes, the Final is open notes and open book, however you cannot access any other web site while taking your final (see below)!

NO ONLINE HELP WEB PAGES are to be used for the quizzes, homework or Final Exam! Since ETSU has been forced to offer courses in a remote fashion during the COVID-19 Pandemic, many students have been making use of various online companies to `cheat'. Please note that Dr. Luttermoser is familiar with these web sites and will be checking each of these sites to make sure none of the students in this course are making use of these sites to answer the questions/problems on the quizzes, homework, and final. Note that it is easy to verify this, even if a phony email address is used on these sites. Should a student be caught using such a site, they will receive a ZERO on that homework set, quiz, or final.

Accessing WebAssign

To access the textbook publisher's WebAssign web site click the following link:

https://webassign.com ,

then click on the Enter Class Key button on the upper right of this web page. The class key for this course is:

etsu 2675 4503

For additional information of WebAssign, here is a Quick Start Guide for using this web site. Should you need additional assistance with WebAssign, you can contact Technical Support information at:


via the web or 1-800-354-9706 by telephone.

Preparing for Quizzes and Final Exam

Note that my courses usually have 3 `in-class' exams and one comprehensize final. However, in our current remote teaching mode, there will be 3 quizzes throughout the semester and one comprehensive final. Each quiz will cover the topics listed in the following review sheets. You should review ALL of these review sheets when studying for the Final Exam. In addition, the four (10-point each) problems that will appear of your final will be based on 4 of the 6 problems located in the Final Sample Problems file below. Note that you will not get these exact problems on your final, but the problems on your final will cover the same topics of the problems in the Final Sample Problems file.

Quiz Reviews:                     Quiz 1 Review
Quiz 2 Review
Quiz 3 Review
Final Review
Final Exam Prep: Final Sample Problems

Note that half of the final will cover the material in the first 3 review sheets and half will cover the material in the 4th review sheet.

Past Final Exam to Review

The format of the final exams will be similar to the sample final posted below. Many of the "full-length" problems you will see on this exam will be modified versions of the example problems in the notes and textbook, the WebAssign homework problems.

Sample Final             Sample Final Solutions

Web site of course textbook publisher: Serway & Vuille's College Physics .

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