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This web page has been set up for the students at ETSU taking PHYS-2020-002 General Physics II with Dr. Luttermoser. Links have been set up for the students to download the syllabus, course notes, homework assignments, homework solutions, review sheets, sample exams, sample exam solutions, and the textbook's WebAssign web page on this web page. The downloadable files are in PDF (Portable Document Format) (which requires Acrobat Reader to view). Note that we will be using Edition 4.0 of my course notes during the Spring 2016 semester.

Course Overview

General Physics II is the second course in a two-semester sequence that covers the following four main sections of classical physics: (1) electromagnetism, including electric fields, forces, and energy, Coulomb's law, capacitance, current, resistance, circuits, magnetism, and inductance; (2) wave mechanics, which covers Hooke's law and the Doppler effect; (3) electromagnetic radiation and its interaction with matter, which covers the E/M spectrum, blackbody radiation, particle physics, the Bohr model atom, and atomic physics; and (4) optics, which covers reflection, refraction, diffraction, interference, and optical instruments. At the conclusion of the General Physics I & II courses, students will have a firm understanding of the basics of classical physics and an introduction to modern physics.

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus for PHYS-2020-002, General Physics II.

Course Notes Sections:

I. Electric Forces and Electric Fields
II. Electric Energy and Capacitance
III. Current and Resistance
IV. Direct Current Circuits
V. Magnetism
VI. Induced Voltage and Inductance
VII. Vibrations and Waves
VIII.   Sound
IX. Electromagnetic Radiation (Photons)
X. Interaction of Photons with Matter
XI. Reflection and Refraction of Light
XII. Mirrors and Lenses
XIII. Wave Optics
XIV. Optical Instruments

Homework Problems, Reviews, and Sample Exams

Note that a portion of each Homework Assignment is graded. The graded problems are based on questions posted at the textbook's Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) web pages.

To gain access the EWA web site, just click here. Note that the EWA "Class Key" for this class is etsu 5811 7800 --- instructions on using EWA will be given in class.

Students can view a Quick Start Guide for information dealing with EWA by clicking at the link in this sentence.

Homework Assignments:     Problem Set 1       Solution Set 1
Problem Set 2       Solution Set 2
Problem Set 3       Solution Set 3
Problem Set 4       Solution Set 4

Exam Reviews:                     Exam 1 Review       Sample Review Problems 1
Exam 2 Review       Sample Review Problems 2
Exam 3 Review       Sample Review Problems 3
Exam 4 Review       Sample Final Review Problems 4

Sample Exams:                     Sample Exam 1       Sample Exam 1 Solutions
Sample Exam 2       Sample Exam 2 Solutions
Sample Exam 3       Sample Exam 3 Solutions
Sample Final           Sample Final Solutions

Web site of course textbook publisher: Serway & Vuille's College Physics .

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