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Dr. Arpita Nandi
Associate Professor

Ph.D. 2007 Kent State University
M.S. 2002 University of Akron
M.Sc. 1997
Calcutta University
Engineering Geology
Soil and Rock Mechanics
Soil Erosion
Slope Stability
4587/5587: Engineering Geology
4257/ 5257: Soil Geosciences and Mechanics
3001: Mineralogy
1040: Physical Geology

Department of Geosciences
East Tennessee State University
P.O. Box 70357
Johnson City, TN 37614

Phone: 423-439-6086
Email :

Research gate::

I. Luffman, A. Nandi, T. Spiegel, 2015, Gully morphology, hillslope erosion, and precipitation characteristics in the Appalachian Valley and Ridge province, Southeastern USA, Catena. Volume 133, Pages 221–232. [Link]

J.T. Donaldson,  Z. C. Dinkins,  F. Levy, and A. Nandi. 2014. Surface-soil Properties of Alder Balds with respect to Grassy and Rhododendron Balds on Roan Mountain, North Carolina–Tennessee. Southeastern Naturalist, Volume 13, Issue 2: 377–395.[Link]

A. Nandi, 2013, Weak Rocks as Foundation Materials: Bearing capacity estimation using GSI index and other empirical relationships. Submitted to Transactions of the Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India (MGMI). Vol 108. p 77-88.[Link]

A. Nandi, 2012, (Book chapter) A review and comparison of statistical based models used in landslide susceptibility analysis.  In the book: Horizons in Earth Science Research, by Nova Science Publishers, Inc., NY11788.[Link]

K. Nandi, A. Nandi, and T. Litchey, 2012, Effect of Heat Capacity and Physical Behavior on Strength and Durability of Shale,  as Building Materials. In Materials and Structures. Springer Netherlands. 10.1617/s11527-012-9850-1.[Link]

A. Nandi, and I. Luffman, 2012, Erosion Related Changes to Physicochemical Properties of Ultisols Distributed on Calcareous In. Journal of Sustainable Development. Canadian Center of Science and Education. Vol 5, No 8, p.52-68. [Link]

A.    Nandi, 2011. Comparative Bearing Capacity analysis of spread footing foundation on fractured granites. In Environmental and Engineering Geoscience. v. 17, issue 3 v. 17, issue 3, p. 281-292. [Link]

A.    Nandi and R. Conde, 2011. Study of unconfined compressive strength, mineralogy and physical properties of Sevier Shale from eastern Tennessee. In Journal of the Tennessee Academy of Science, v. 86, issue 2, p 56-62.[Link]

A. Nandi and J. Moore, 2011, Geochemical and geotechnical features of terra rossa in karst areas of Southern Appalachians. In Geotechnical Risk Assessment and Management (GSP 224) Proceedings of the GeoRisk 2011 Conference (American Society of Civil Engineers). doi:10.1061/41183(418)38 [Link].

A.Nandi, 2011,  Shale disintegration as function of the rock’s thermo-physical behavior. In Mining, Geological & Metrological Institute of India (MGMI), v.36, no.3, p 38-40.

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A. Nandi, and A. Shakoor, 2009, A GIS-based landslide susceptibility evaluation using bivariate and multivariate statistical analyses. In Engineering Geology. V. 110, Issues 1-2, Pages 11-20 doi:10.1016/j.enggeo.2009.10.001 [Link]   

A. Nandi, 2009. Quantitative stream profile analysis for Red River and Arkansas River.  AWRA Summer Specialty Conference Proceedings, American Water Resource Association Publication, USA. [Link]

A. Nandi, 2009.  Articles on Geoengineering, Lithosphere, Minerals and mining, in Encyclopedia of Global Warming, Salem Press (publ. December 2009). Editor: Steven I. Dutch, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, 1,248 pages. 

A. Nandi, C.M. Liutkus, and M.J. Whitelaw, 2009, Geotechnical characterization of Sevier and Rome Shale, East Tennessee. In 43rd US Rock Mechanics Symposium and 4th U.S.-Canada Rock Mechanics Symposium Proceedings, American Rock Mechanics Association Publication, USA. [Link]

A. Nandi, and A. Shakoor, 2008, Application of logistic regression model for slope instability prediction in Cuyahoga River Watershed, Ohio, USA. In Georisk, Taylor & Francis Publication, v 2; no. 1, pages 16-27. [Link]

A. Nandi, and A. Shakoor, 2007, Quantitative evaluation of landslide susceptibility for four counties of northeast Ohio. In First North American Landslide Conference Proceedings, American Society of Civil Engineers Publication, Colorado, USA

A. Nandi, and A. Shakoor, 2006, Preparation of a landslide susceptibility map of Summit County, Ohio, using numerical models. International Association of Engineering Geologists: Geological Society Publishing House, UK.[Link]

Before 2006


Professional Service and Membership
Reviewer of Environmental & Engineering Geosciences Journal
Member of
Association of Environmental and Engineering Geologists
Member of Geological Society of America
Member of Indian Science Congress Association
Member of Mining, Geological and Metallurgical Institute of India


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