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Dr. Ginley's Prevention Education and Treatment of Addiction Learning Lab aims to improve treatment outcomes for all individuals experiencing behavioral addictions or substance use disorders. Additionally, our prevention aim includes research focused on identifying risk factors (e.g., impulsivity) and resilience factors which can impact an individuals progression to an addictive disorder. Finally our education aim relates to our interest in improving dissemination of evidence based treatments as well as ensuring we share our research with and try to learn as much as we can from front line providers working directly with the individuals most impacted by addiction. 

Dr. Ginley's lab also represents one third of the Tennessee Institute for Gambling Education and Research along with Drs. Whelan and Pfund at The University of Memphis. Together we form a close collaboration with a mission to create and actively manage an accessible, engaging evidence-based system of care to reduce the risk of gambling-related harms for all Tennesseans. 

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