Current Projects and Collaborations


  • Outcomes and significant covariates of addiction psychotherapies. Coded database that has been regularly updated containing large randomized clinical trials of substance use treatments, and working with collaborators who have completed a similar database of clinical trials of gambling disorder. Continuing to analyze data and prepare manuscripts.  


  • Gambling at Overmountain Recovery. Completed initial project development which resulted in a large RDC grant. Ongoing data collection.


  • Contingency Management Treatment at ETSU Family Medicine Addiction Medicine Clinic. Completed initial project development which resulted in an interdisciplinary RDC grant. Data collection completed in Spring 2023. Ongoing effort to finalize results for publication.


  • Collaborative Data Collection Project on College Student Health Behaviors. Large scale data collection project across 9 universities to capture college student health behavior completed in Spring 2023. Has already yielded a large sample (7000+) from which to ask questions about video game play, substance use, and other questions of interest. Several PETAL publications and publications completed by collaborators published or under review. Many more paper opportunities and manuscripts in preparation. 



  • Student Specific Projects: Students working in the PETAL Lab are mentored to develop their own individual projects in their own areas of expertise related to addiction and engagement in high risk behaviors. Check out lab members individual bios to see all the amazing things they are working on!