A Modern Approach

by Jeff Knisley and Kevin Shirley

First, let us answer a few questions: (Click on the question to see the answer): 

Before we wrote the book, we researched how students learn mathematics, what is wrong with current calculus textbooks, and how best to present calculus as the foundation of modern mathematics and science.  The documents below describe that research.

Online Presentation:
How Students Learn Math

Calculus: A Modern Approach
Motivation and Development

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Is there a Problem
Facing the Crisis

A New Approach

How Students Learn Math
Preface from Textbook


The multivariable chapters also differ greatly from traditional and reformed multivariable texts.  Indeed, the multivariable chapters for this textbook form an online textbook which can be accessed at (currently under construction).    


 Here are Three Sections from the Textbook

Section 1 of Chapter 1 Section 1 of Chapter 3 Section 1 of Chapter 5

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For more information or to request a review copy of the textbook, email  Jeff Knisley at East Tennessee State University.