Most Common Errors and their Solutions

"Does spelling count?"

Even if you have never raised your hand in a class to ask this in reference to a writing assignment or test, chances are you have heard this question asked many times in any class involving writing. Yes, grammar and mechanics are a thorn in many students' sides. If you are among those who wince in pain at their mere mention, too bad. Spelling does count. So does syntax, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, parallelism, and all of those components of written language that you started learning in elementary school.

Of course, this is not to say that every graduate student comes into MALS with perfect grammar and diction, nor do they leave never making another grammatical mistake in their life. Still, the importance of proper grammar and word usage cannot be overstated. It is your responsibility as the student to ensure that your writing is grammatically and stylistically acceptable. Since you cannot (and should not at this level) expect your professors to tell you how to fix each and every grammatical error you make, this page lists some of the most commonly made errors and their solutions, so you can correct mistakes before handing in your paper.

List of Most Commonly Found Errors in Student Essays

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