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Getting Started

Graduate vs. Undergraduate Writing
Interdisciplinary Writing
Writing as a Process

Writing as thinking
Understanding the Assignment
Choosing a Topic
Determining Your Audience
Invention Techniques
Arriving at a Working Thesis
Managing Your Research
Writing Groups


Thesis and Special Project

Thesis and Project Guidelines
Basic Timeline of the Thesis/Project
Forming and Working With Your G.A.C.
Utilizing Writing Groups

Types of Graduate Writing

Article Precis/Summary Critique
Annotated Bibliography
Thesis/Project Proposal
Research Prospectus
Seminar Paper
Conference Presentations
Symposium Writing

Turabian Style and Citation

Style Handout
Citation Examples
Bibliography of Writing Handbooks

Common Grammatical Errors and Solutions

Grading Standards
Most Commonly Found Errors in Grammer, Style, and Punctuation

Avoiding Plagiarism

Evaluating Sources
Summarizing vs. Paraphrasing
Plagiarism vs. Copyright
Plagiarism Links
ETSU Statement on Plagiarism

Cultural Theory and Schools of Criticism

Links to Theory and Criticism Sites

Helpful Links

Institutional Review Board (IRB)
Sherrod Library
Purdue OWL

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