Helpful Writing Links

Believe it or not, this writing site is not the only resource on the Web that you might find helpful for your writing and other scholarly needs. Here are some links to other sites that we think might help you out as well.


The Institutional Review Board provides the necessary forms and explains the proper procedures for conducting ethical research. Remember, you MUST receive IRB approval to use certain types of research methods for your thesis or project research. The IRB is also the starting place for taking the online CITI certification course, which is also required before you can get IRB approval for any research.

Purdue OWL

This is Purdue University's online writing lab. If you need tips for specific types of writing not covered in this site, the OWL is a good place to start. It also offers basic guidance on using Turabian, MLA, Chicago, or APA style and citation.

Sherrod Library

The ETSU main library Web site provides access to the Millenium Catalog and a number of databases containing abstract and full-text articles. You can also access regional libraries and interlibrary loan services here.

Archives of Appalachia

You can search collections at the Archives, which include the records of some area institutions and the papers and collections of community members. The ETSU records and archives are housed here as well.

Dr. Kendra Gaines' Graduate Writing Resource

This is a small but helpful Web site specifically designed for graduate writers, authored by Dr. Kendra Gaines from the University of Arizona. It covers topics such as time management, grammar, and topic management.

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