Advanced Composition, Fall 2011

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Student Essays / Final Exam Instructions
last update: December 9, 2011


I.  Final Exam Instructions (Final exam period: Weds, December 14, 6-8pm)

  1. Before the final exam period, choose four of your classmates' essays that are posted here.

  2. Bring two copies of each of those four responses--one copy for the author, and one copy for me--to the final exam period.  Please label each copy, by hand-writing, at the top, either "copy 1: for the author," or "copy 2: for the instructor." 


For each response, consider these guidelines:
  1. Write at least 300 words.
  2. Address the author of the essay directly, using the second-person, personal pronoun. Do not evaluate the essay. Instead, write about your own experience as a reader. Why did you choose to respond to that particular essay?  What did the essay make you think and feel?

  3. Include your ETSU email address on your response. 


During the final exam period you will also write a short, in-class essay about your own writing skills, and about what you learned this semester in class.  Please bring your notebook to class.  You will refer to entries in that notebook, in order to write your in-class essay. 


II.  Best Student Writing from This Semester


1 - 1956 – The Creation of a King: The Year That Established Elvis Presley’s Career.  By Katie Bibee. 

2 - The 2007 Forced Road Trip: California to Tennessee.  By Jennifer Brady.

3 - The 2011 Model 45 Caliber Ruger P345 Semi-Automatic Handgun: Now Lighter and Safer. A Product Review.  By Marcus Holcombe.

4 - American Politics: Is Social Darwinism Once Again Prevalent?  By Aaron Thomas. 

5 - Becoming Cultured to a Big City:  Four Small Town Guys Find Themselves in Chicago.  By Samuel Adams.


6 - Camp Buck Toms: The Greatest Place for Young Men to Work.  By Cameron McDonald.

7 - A Comparison of Religious and Secular Texts: The Adaptations and Similarities between Noah’s Ark and The Epic of Gilgamesh.  By Ian Taylor. 

8 - From Dancing Goats to the Daily Buzz: A History of Coffee.  By Karla Roland. 

9 - From Valleys to Mountains: A Young Woman’s Tale of Transition.  By Sassafras.

10 - From Woolton to EMI: The Rise of The Beatles (1957-1962).  By Aaron Cates.


11 - A Guide to Natural Skincare: Do You Really Know What is in Your Skincare Products?  By Ashley Myers. 

12 - Guide to Owning Your Own Ex-Racehorse.  By Ava Gooding. 

13 - Little Drummer Girl: Pursuing Passion While Overcoming Adversity.  By Rebekah Welch.

14 - Man-Made Magic: How Penn Jillette’s Life and Career Have Inspired Me to be a Louder, Angrier Atheist Asshole.  By C.T.   

15 - “Mountain City… Where Did You Say That Was Again?” A Local’s Sketch of the Often Bypassed Town of  Mountain City, Upper East Tennessee.  By Adam Timbs. 


16 - National Novel Writing Month: How I Wrote 50,000 Words in 30 Days.  By Rachel Parsons.

17 - Overcoming the Obstacles: A Lesson on Hurdling.  By Kasey Jones.

18 - Quanah Parker: Last Comanche War Chief.  By Chasity Drew. 

19 - The Real Temperance Brennan: Kathy Reichs and the Rise of Forensic Anthropology In North America Through Her Fictional Counterpart.  By Cheryl Lee.

20 - Shaun of the Dead: If You Haven’t Seen This, Be Ashamed.  By Alex Dykes.


21 - I Should Have Read the Baby Books: A Man's Personal Experience with Child Birth.  By Andrew Williamson.