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Books i read in 2001

Cain, Chelsea. Dharma girl: a road trip across the American generations
Simon, Diane. Hair: public, private, extremely personal
Hayter, Sparkle. The last manly man
Bruckheimer, Linda. Dreaming southern
Brooks, David. Bobos in paradise: The new upper class and how they got there
Delany, Sarah & Louise. Having our say
Yezierska, Anzia. Bread givers
Jeansonne, Glen. Women of the far right: the mother's movement and World War II
Bujold, Lois McMaster. Cordelia's honor
McCracken, Grant. Big hair: a journey into the transformation of the self
Paolini, Nicole. Swamp gas
Allon, Janet. The business of bliss
Pearson, T.R. Blue ridge
Hayter, Sparkle. What's a girl to do?
Tanenbaum, Leora. Slut! Growing up female with a bad reputation
Tepper, Sheri. Gate to women's country
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Hearts of men: American dreams and the flight from commitment
Lawrence, Margaret. Iceweaver
Picoult, Jodi. Keeping the faith
Schmais, Libby. The perfect Elizabeth
Butler, Octavia. Dawn
Butler, Octavia. Adulthood Rites
Butler, Octavia. Imago
Piercy, Marge. Woman on the edge of time
King Laurie. R. Folly
Woods, Monica. My only story
Dog, Mary Crow. Lakota Woman
Lowry, Lois. The Giver
Dallas Sandra. Alice's tulips
Tucker, Tanya. Nickel Dreams
Lorde, Audre. Sister outsider
Morgan, Joan. When chickenheads come to roost: a hip-hop feminist breaks it down
Carroll, Rebecca. Sugar in the raw: voices of young black women in America
Morse, David E. Iron bridge
Norton, Andre. Shadow of Albion
Denfeld, Rene. New Victorians
Tarr, Judith & Harry Turtledove. Household Gods
Kagan, Elaine. No good-byes
Kress, Nancy. Probability moon
Anderson, Laurie Halse. Speak
Malone, Michael. Handling sin
Scott, Melissa. The Jazz
Kessler, Brad. Lick creek
Cobb, Norma & CW Sasser. Arctic homestead
Baker, Kage. Sky coyote: a novel of the Company book 2
Erdrich, Louise. Last report on the miracles at Little No Horse
Younger, Richard. Get a shot of rhythm and blues: the Arthur Alexander story
Country Music annual 2000
Baker, Kage. Mendoza in Hollywood: a novel of the Company book 3
Willis, Connie. Doomsday Book
Tepper, Sherri. Family Tree
Berg, Elizabeth. Never change
Trigiana, Adriana. Big stone gap: a novel
Trigiani, Adriana. Big cherry holler: a Big Stone Gap novel
Evanovich, Janet. Seven up
Buckley, Fiona. Doublet affair
Hunter, Jessie. 1,2 buckle my shoe
Streiber, Whitley. Hunger
Dorsey, Tim. Florida roadkill
Crusie, Jennifer. Fast women
Deaver, Jeffery. Blue nowhere
Schlosser, Eric. Fast food nation
Crusie, Jennifer. Crazy for you
Deaver, Jeffery. Speaking in tongues
Harris Joanne. Five quarters of the orange
Tan, Amy. Bonesetters daughter
Mitchard, Jacquelyn. A theory of relativity
Crusie, Jennifer. Tell me lies
Brown, Laura Catherine. Quickening
Fastis, Stefan. Word freak
Harris, Joanne. Blackberry wine
Hoffman, Alice. Blue diary
Greene, Jane. Jemima J
Leonard, Elmore. Maximum Bob
Crusie, Jennifer. Anyone but you
Roberts, Nora. Carolina moon
Saulnier, Beth. Fourth wall
Tepper, Sherri. Beauty
Civil-Brown, Sue. Letting loose
Connelly, Michael. A darkness more than night
Tepper, Sherri. Gibbons' decline and fall
Hayter, Sparkle. Revenge of the cootie girls
Crusie, Jennifer. Man hunting
Hoag, Tami. Dust to dust
Bartholomew, Nancy. Miracle strip
Munger, Katy. Legwork
Hanff, Helen. 84, Charing Cross road
Feigen, Brenda. Not one of the boys
Smith, Betty. A tree grows in Brooklyn
MacDonald, Marianne. Death's autograph
Shankman, Sarah. First kill all the lawyers
Massey, Sujata. Flower master
George, Anne. Murder shots the bull
Dobson, Joanne. Northbury papers
Harris, Thomas. Red dragon
Saulnier, Beth. Reliable sources
Wright, Donald R. African-Americans in the colonial era
Griffith, Nicola. Slow river
Reichs, Kathy. Fatal voyage
Giles, Molly. Iron Shoes
Cannell, Dorothy. The thin woman
Randall, Alice. Wind done gone
Bartholomew, Nancy. Film strip
Scribner, Keith. Good life
Heller, Jane. Female intelligence
Kijewski, Karen. Copy kat
Painter, Nell Irvin. Sojourner Truth
Kava, Alex. Split second
Perry, Thomas. Death Benefits
Latt, Mimi. Ultimate justice
Friedman, Kinky. Mile high club
Cooper, Anna Julia. A voice from the south
Floyd, Sam. Black music in the Harlem Renaissance
Woodson, Carter G. Mis-Education of the Negro
Brownrigg, Sylvia. Pages for you
Bourke-White, Margaret. A portrait of myself
Coban, Harlan. Tell no one
Boullosa, Carmen. Leaving Tabasco
Gabaldon, Diana. The fiery cross
Kurzweil, Allen. Grand complication
Badami, Anita Rau. Hero's walk
West, Cornel. Race matters
Moody, Rick. The ice storm
Scottoline, Lisa. Mistaken identity
Pineiro, R.J.
Alison, Jane. Love-artist
Cokal, Susann. Mirabilis
MacDonald, Michael Patrick. All souls: a family story from Southie
Gibbons, Stella. Cold comfort farm
Bragg, Rick. Ava's man
Battle, Lois. Floribama ladies' auxiliary & sewing circle
O'Faolain, Nuala. Are you somebody?