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Books i read in 2003

Cohen, Alan H. Why your life sucks
Cunningham, Michael. The Hours
Gelman, Rita Golden. Tales of a female nomand: Living at large in the world
Bilger, Burkhard. Noodling for flatheads: Moonshine, monster catfish, and other Southern comforts
Codell, Esme Raji. Educating Esme: Diary of a teacher's first year
Carhart, Thad. Piano shop on the Left Bank: Discovering a forgotten passion in a Paris Atelier
Glass, Lillian. I know what you're thinking
Bronson, Po. What should I do with my life? The true story of people who answered the ultimate question
Beattie, Ann. The doctor's house
Gopnik, Adam. Paris to the moon
Mayle, Peter. French lessons: adventures with knife, fork, and corkscrew
Krakuer, Jon. Into the wild
Danvers, Dennis. The watch: Memoirs of a revolutionist
Wright, Lili. Learning to float: The journey of a woman, a dog, and just enough men
Burroughs, Augusten. Running with scissors
Kimmel, Haven. The solace of leaving early
Prose, Francine. The lives of the muses: nine women and the artists they inspired
Weiner-Davis, Michele. The Sex-Starved marriage: a couple's guide to boosting their marriage libido
Ownings, Alison. Hey, Waitress!: The USA from the other side of the tray
Kimmel, Haven. A girl named Zippy: Growing up small in Mooreland, Indiana
Sedaris, Dave. The Santaland diaries and Season's Greetings
Offutt, Chris. No heroes: A memoir of coming home
Hemming, Allison. Work it!: How to get ahead, save your ass, and land a job in any economy
Wilson, Charis and Wendy Madar. Through another lens: My life with Edward Weston
Perry, Thomas. Dead aim
House, Silas. A parchment of leaves
Le Droaulec, Pascale. American pie: Slices of life (and pie) from America's back roads
Gavenas, Mary Lisa. Color stories: Behind the scenes of America's billion-dollar beauty industry
Boyle, T.C. Drop City
Earling, Debra Magpie. Perma red
Victor, Ed. The obvious diet
Hollander, Xaveria. Child no more
Sebold, Alice. Lucky
House, Silas. Clay's quilt
Fairstein, Linda. The bone vault
Barrows, Sydney Biddle. Mayflower Madam: The secret life of Sydney Biddle Barrows
Quan, Tracy. Diary of a Manhattan call girl: A Nancy Chan novel.
Payne, Patricia. Sex tips from a dominatrix
Zigman, Laura. Her
Fowler, Karen Joy. Sister noon
Faber, Michel. The crimson petal and the white.
Winton, Tim. Dirt music
Crusie, Jennifer. Faking it
Packer, Ann. The Dive from Clausen's Pier
Juska, Jane. A Round-heeled woman: My late-life adventures in sex and romance
Eaves, Elisabeth. Bare: On women, dancing, sex, and power
Gibson, William. Pattern recognition: A novel
Tepper, Sheri. The Visitor
Tepper, Sheri. The Fresco
Vowell, Sarah. Take the Cannoli: Stories from the new world
Stone, Tom. The Summer of my Greek taverna: A memoir
Duane, Daniel. Caught inside: A surfer's year on the California coast