Bridgeport Anilam Crusader II CNC Mill Pgrm & Ops

Chapter 1 - Introduction

System Characteristics, Features, & Programming Formats

Chapter 2 - Manually Operating the Crusader II CNC Mill

Jogging Axes, Movement Speed, Zeroing the Axis Counters, &
Returning the Spindle to the Origin with the Quill Retracted

Chapter 3 - Programming the Crusader II CNC Mill

Manual Data Input (MDI), Off-line Programming, & Programming Tool Length Offsets

Chapter 4 - G-Codes and Auxiliary/Miscellaneous Codes

G-Codes (Preparatory Command) Listing, & Auxiliary / Miscellaneous Codes

Chapter 5 - Address Codes for Variable Registers

Chapter 6 - Dedicated Variable Registers

Chapter 7 - Circular Interpolation

Anilam Format, & EIA-274-D Format

Chapter 8 - Advanced Programming & Canned Cycles

Scaling (G53)
Circular Pocket (G77) with an Example in EIA-274-D Format
Rectangular Pocket (G78) with Examples in Anilam Format, & EIA-274-D Format
Bolt Circle (G79) with Examples in Anilam Format, & EIA-274-D Format

Chapter 9 - Z-axis Canned Cycles

Single stroke drill (G81), Single Stroke Drill with Dwell(G82), Peck Drill (G83), Bore Cycle (G815),
Bore-in-One-Direction) (G86), Peck-Drill-with-Chip-Breaker (G87), and Bore-to-Shoulder (G89)

Chapter 10 - Do Loops & Subroutines

Do Loops, & Subroutines (Macros)

Chapter 11 - Setting Tool Length Offsets (TLOs)

Procedure for Setting TLOs (Manually Programming the Anilam Controller),
Alternate (Faster) Procedure for Setting TLOs (Manually Programming the Anilam Controller, &
Procedure for Setting TLOs When Programming Off-Line (EIA-274 Format)

Chapter 12 - Design, Set-up, & Communication Considerations

Part & Tooling Design, Setup & Operating Instructions, & Sample CNC Program Header File.

Chapter 13 - Testing & Running Programs and Making Parts

Debugging Programs, Anilam Crusader II Error Codes. Dry Running Programs, & Running Programs

Chapter 14 - Communicating with the Controller

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