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April 8, 2009

In class today, I handed out a homework that is due on Monday, April 13th. If you missed class, I have included an electronic copy at:

February 27, 2009

This coming Wednesday is our first operating system installation lab. We will be installing Linux onto your hard drives so be sure to bring them on Wednesday.

I had planned to modify the lab so that we were installing one of the more popular Linux distributions like Ubuntu, but Virtual PC wouldn't allow it. I've tried all of the suggested modifications I found on Ubuntu's documentation site, but couldn't get anything to work reliably. Therefore, we are going to continue using the old workhorse, Redhat 9.  Yes, if you are familiar with Linux, you know that Redhat was replaced a while ago with Redhat Fedora.  Let's just say that Redhat 9 will cause fewer headaches in the lab running Virtual PC. So until we are able to get Sun Virtual Box installed on the OIT machines, it looks like we're stuck with the old RedHat.

Before you come to class, please go to the CSCI Department's software download page at http://cscidbw.etsu.edu/software/software.html and download CD 1, CD 2, and CD 3 from the appropriate RedHat Linux v9 links.  You should store the resulting image files to your external hard drive.  Do not bother making CDs from these images, Virtual PC can work directly from the image files.  Note that the link tells you to change the file extension to .iso.  This will be explained in class.

Also, remember to set the privileges on your external drive for everyone as is explained at the end of the hard drive lab.

February 26, 2009

Sorry it took so long, but I finally posted the answers for the test.  Unfortunately, I have been under a bit of pressure, so I cannot say if there are errors in the answer key.  (I'm doing this from home using cut and paste answers from old tests and I left the answer key in my office. Oh well.) Anyway, you can find the answer key at:


February 16, 2009

I don't know if I made this clear in class today. Wednesday we have a review for the test. The best way to be prepared for this review is to go over one of the old tests from the web site. You can find them along with a study guide at:


Come to class on Wednesday with any questions regarding the material for Test 1. Because of the snow day, I think we may have gone over the material rather quickly, so please be prepared to ask questions to clarify things we may not have covered well enough.

February 15, 2009

The answer key to the binary numbers homework is posted at:


February 9, 2009

Today in class, I handed out a homework assignment covering binary conversion. I have posted a PDF copy of this homework assignment on the web site at:


This homework will be due on Wednesday, February 11th.

January 30, 2009

Remember that we have a quiz on Monday. It will cover only the material from the BIOS lab last Wednesday. It will be multiple choice/true or false/short answer and should last only about ten minutes. Also, we will be meeting in Nicks 348, the weird-shaped one.

January 21, 2009

Welcome to class! There are two items of business we need to address before we can get started.

First, the required textbook for this course is available in hard copy or in electronic form from the web. The hard copy form is not available from the bookstore due to pricing issues. If you want to purchase a hard copy of the textbook, visit the Lulu web site where it is sold. You may also download the textbook for free in its entirety from this same site. (Some students have found it more convenient - and cheaper - to carry around the hard copy rather than a bunch of printouts from the web, however.) If you want to download the notes in individual chapter form, simply go to the course notes page.

Since you are saving $125 by not having to buy a traditional textbook ($105 if you went with the hard copy textbook), you can use part of those funds to purchase an external (USB 2) hard drive. Most of the labs will be performed using this hard drive. Future courses in your CSCI curriculum will also use this hard drive, so I would suggest you don't begin using it to store your MP3's once this course is over. Details on the minimum hard drive requirements will be provided in class. Please have this hard drive in your hands by the February 25th lab.

Your second assignment is to verify that your e-mail address is set up correctly on the D2L Server. I will be using this system to e-mail course updates and post grades throughout the semester. I cannot take responsibility for messages you did not receive because you were not looking at your z-account e-mail or because my messages were not getting past your spam filter. Therefore, all messages will be posted to this news page.

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