Introduction to Modern Algebra Class Notes
A First Course In Abstract Algebra, 7th Edition, John B. Fraleigh
Fraleigh's First Course in Abstract Algebra book, 7th edition

Copies of the classnotes are on the internet in PDF format as given below. The "Proofs of Theorems" files were prepared in Beamer. The "Printout of Proofs" are printable PDF files of the Beamer slides without the pauses. The "Proofs of Theorems" files have not been classroom tested and may have some typographical errors; these files were created with the help of William "Ty" Frazier during the fall 2015 semester.


I. Groups and Subgroups.

II. Permutations, Cosets, and Direct Products.

III. Homomorphisms and Factor Groups.

IV. Rings and Fields.

Other Notes.

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